Our Affiliates and Friends

We  know and recommend businesses that meet many of the needs you may have. Not only for your home but for your health, travel, or office.

Each individual business is a member of BNI. BNI is networking orginization where each member is held to a  high ethical standard and qualilty of service.


If you are new to this area or are just looking to improve a business relationship, or maybe intererested in joining BNI contadt us or any one in this list.

Please mention our name House Inspection Pros if you do decide to contact any of these fine establishments.

Home or Auto.

Name: AFrame Mortgage

Description: Residential Mortgages


Contact: Evelyn Stiefel

Phone: 970-405-6225

Email: evelynstiefel@comcast.net

Web site:


BNI Global:AFrame Mortgage

Name: Advanced Auto Pros

Description: Auto Repair

Address: 2527 8th Avenue Greeley, CO, 80631 US

Contact: Rick Bolger

Phone: 970-351-7665

Email: rick@aapros.com

Web site:http://AAPRos.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AAPROS

BNI Global: Advanced Auto Pros

Name: Ronda Hyken -ERA Herman Group Real Estate

Description: Realtor

Address: 2725 Rocky Mountain Way #100 Loveland, CO, 80538 US

Contact: Ronda Hyken

Phone: 970-443-0982

Email: realestateronda@hotmail.com

Web site:


BNI Global: Ronda Hyken

Name: Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning

Description:HVAC install and Repair

Address: 2002 1st Ave Greeley, CO, 80631 US

Contact: Dusty Rhoades

Phone: 970-443-0982

Email: owner@greeleyhvacrepair.com

Web site:http://www.greeleyhvacrepair.com


BNI Global:Dusty Rhoades

Name: Sanchez Bros Custom Exteriors INC

Description: Roofing-Gutters

Address: 3220 47th Ave Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Marcos Sanchez

Phone: 970-313-3351

Email: sales@sanchezbrosinc.com

Web site:http://sanchezbrosinc.com


BNI Global: Sanchez Bros Custom Exteriors INC

Name: Bravo Carpet Cleaning and Care

Description: Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Address:1908 Homestead Rd, Greeley, CO 80634

Contact: Linda Zeller

Phone: 970-396-6665

Email:  Info@BravoCarpetCleaningandcare.com



BNI Global: BravoCarpetAndCare

Name: Loos Electric INC

Description: Electrician

Address: 31413 WCR 25 Greeley, CO, 80631 US

Contact: Lisa Loos

Phone: 970-686-0957

Email: loos@greeleynet.com



BNI Global: Loos Electric INC

Name: Front Range Interiors

Description: Retail flooring and Window Covering

Address: 3060 W. 29th Street Greeley, CO, 80621 US

Contact: Jerry Keiser

Phone: 970-506-0604

Email: frontrangeint@aol.com

Website: http://www.frontrangeinteriors.com


BNI Global: Front Range Interiors

Name: Kitchen Tune-Up

Description: Kitchen and Bath Design

Address: 4798 Valley Oak Drive Loveland, CO, 80538 US

Contact: Kent Bellows

Phone: 970-817-8863

Email: kbellows@kitchentuneup.com

Website: http://www.kitchentuneup-fortcollins.com


BNI Global: Kitchen Tune-Up

Name: Swingle Lawn, Tree, and Landscape

Description: Landscape Services

Address: 1805 E Lincoln Ave #3, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524 US

Contact: Mike Masters

Phone: 970-381-0647

Email: mmasters@myswingle.com

Website: http://www.myswingle.com


BNI Global: Swingle Lawn, Tree, and Landscape

Name: MetLife Auto & Home

Description: Insurance, Property & Casualty

Address: 4631 W. 20th Street Road Suite 101, Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Randy Andrade

Phone: 970-515-6220

Email: randrade@metlife.com

Website: http://www.randyandrade.metlife.com


BNI Global: MetLife Auto & Home

Name: Lucky 7 Mobile Wash

Description: Automotive, Trucks
Address: 3322 33rd Avenue Court Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Debbie Preston

Phone: 303-558-5116

Email: debbie@lucky7mobilewash.com

Web site: http://www.lucky7mobile.com


BNI Global: Lucky 7 Mobile Wash

Health and Fitness

Name: Achilles Heal Therapeutic Center

Description: Massage Therapist

Address:3400 W. 16th Street Unit 7-I, Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Laura Natividad

Phone: 970-310-9474

Email: achilleshealmassage@gmail.com

Web site:

Facebook: facebook.com/AchillesHealTherapeuticCenter

BNI Global: Achilles  Heal Therapeutic Center

Name: Greeley  Health and Fitness

Description: Fitness and Training

Address:3820 W. 10th St, Suite B10

Contact: Daniel Rohn

Phone: 970-978-4470

Email: Daniel@GreeleyFitness.com

Web site:http://www.greeleyfitness.com/


BNI Global: Greeley  Health and Fitness

Name: The Healing House

Description: Acupuncture

Address:909 28th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631

Contact: Jennifer Richins

Phone: 970-405-4279

Email: TheHealingHouse4you@gmail.com

Web site:


BNI Global: The Healing House

Name: Precision Chiropractic

Description: Chiropractor

Address:4080 Thompson Pkwy, STE 120. Johnston, CO 80534

Contact: Jane Brewer

Phone: 970-663-1617

Email: PrecisionChiroco@gmail.com

Web site:www.precisionchiroco.com

Facebook: facebook.com/precisionChiroCo

BNI Global: PrecisionChiroCo

Name: Precision Chiropractic

Description: Chiropractor

Address:4080 Thompson Pkwy, STE 120. Johnston, CO 80534

Contact: Jane Brewer

Phone: 970-663-1617

Email: PrecisionChiroco@gmail.com

Web site:www.precisionchiroco.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/precisionChiroCo

BNI Global: PrecisionChiroCo

Name: Barcelona Spa and Salon

Description: Salon-Spa

Address: 1019 39th Ave Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Kevin Weimer

Phone: 970-378-9000

Email: kevin@barcelonasalon-spa.com

Web site: http://barcelonasalon-spa.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarcelonaClinicalSpaSalonGreeley?ref=bookmarks

BNI Global: Barcelona Spa and Salon


Name: Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC

Description: Attorney

Address:5586 W 19th St., STE 2000 Greeley, CO 80634

Contact: Ned Chapin

Phone: 970-339-3500

Email: Echapin@cp2law.com

Web site:http://www.cp2law.com/


BNI Global: Coan, Payton & Payne

Name: Lighthouse Product Services, LLC

Description: Educational

Address: 3720 Woodhaven Lane Johnstown, CO, 80534 US

Contact: Becky Baker

Phone: 970-685-4846

Email: bbaker@lhpsonline.com

Web site: http://www.jhpsonline.com


BNI Global: Lighthouse Product Services, LLC

Name: Eves and Haines Wealth Management

Description: Financial Advisor
Address: 4627 W. 20th Street Road Suite B, Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Glenda Haines

Phone: 970-616-0727

Email: glenda@eveshaines.com

Web site:http://www.eveshaines.com


BNI Global: Eves and Haines Wealth Management

Name: DGM Solutions

Description: Marketing Services
Address: 446 E. 29th St #1131 Loveland, CO, 80539 US

Contact: Drew Giffin

Phone: 970-443-2722

Email: drew.giffin@comcast.net

Web site:http://www.dgm.solutions


BNI Global: DGM Solutions

Name: Huntington Learning Center

Description: Educational, Tutoring
Address: 4330 Centerplace Drive #636, Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Colleen Reichert

Phone: 970-888-3402

Email: reichertc@hlcmail.com

Website: http://www.Greeley.HuntingtonHelps.com


BNI Global: Huntington Learning Center

Name: Masters at Lake Plaza

Description: Insurance, Life, Disability, Long Term Care

Address: 3545 W 12th St Suite 202, Greeley, CO, 80634 US

Contact: Zaya Thompson

Phone: 970-400-7111

Email: zaya@mastersfinancialgroup.com

Web site:


BNI Global: Masters at Lake Plaza