5 questions to ask your inspector.


Inspectors come from all different backgrounds. There are many really good inspectors who have no background in construction or any other aspect of the housing industry. 

So how do you know they can and should be doing home inspections? Colorado doesn't require a home inspector to be licensed. So an inspector should be a member of a dependable organization that has strict Standards of Practice and a solid Code of Ethics.  If they belong to a respected organization and were trained by the organization,they are most likely qualified to inspect a home.  But there are other questions you should consider to find an inspector that is truly dedicated to doing a thorough and professional job each time. Don’t rule out the newer inspectors who are entering the business. Many of them are very dedicated and will go the extra mile for you as they want more business.

Here are the 5 questions.


1.  What organization do you belong to maintain your skills as a home inspector.

a.We belong to American Society of Home Inspectors(ASHI). It is one the most respected organizations around the country dedicated to serving the home inspection business. We had to go through over 120 hours of class room training and do many on-site inspections to graduate.

b.There are others organizations and you should research them carefully to understand how they hand out their certification or what requirements they need to get a graduation certificate. Some literally allow you to get a certification by attending their on-line school and taking an on-line test.

2.  Can I see a sample report?

a.Any inspector today should be able to get you a sample of a report. And the reports should be completed and delivered electronically with pictures. Anything less is out dated.Click here to see our report.

b.When you look at the report, do the comments associated with an issued seem canned? Many inspectors in order to complete many inspections a day just check off canned comments to speed the process. Over 50% of our report comments are hand written into the report. See our Sample Report.

3.  Do you take pictures and if so about how many do you take?

a.We take over 125 pictures on the average of a standard size home. We don’t put that many pictures into the report but we believe pictures enhance and add to the quality of the report. By taking that many pictures we do 2 inspections of your property.  We review each picture when we write the report in case we missed something on site.

b. We want to spend our time inspecting the home. If we see an issue we take a picture. 

4.  How many inspections in 1 day will you book?

a.A serious home inspector performing a quality inspection and detailed report will be taxed doing 2 homes a day.  If they say 3 or even 4, you may want to consider just how complete an inspection they are doing. Even 4 condos would be a long day if done in accordance with Standards of Practice that ASHI requires.We won’t do more than 2 homes in a day. We just can’t do a quality job and do more than 2.  We typically do 1.

5.  When can I get the report?

a.This is a great question and I would save it for last. Most inspectors think you are in a hurry to see the report. And most try to brag about how quickly they can provide you the report. If you get a response of “the same day” or “right after we are done with the inspection”,you may want to consider how thorough they are and how professional it will be.This is the most important and expensive purchase you will make, and you are spending a good deal of money on this inspection.  You should expect a decent amount of time dedicated on the report.  Our reports take at least half as long as the inspection takes. For example if an inspection takes 4 hours to conduct, it will take at least 2-3 hours to complete the report and review each picture we take.

b. We strive to get the report to you within 24 hours after we complete the inspection.


We have provided answers to these 5 questions and we believe we will stand out as the best possible choice when we are compared to others. Contact us today and set up an inspection.