Frequently asked questions


Why should I hire your company?

We are an independent company that does not have any loyalties or "Agreements" with any realtors or other parties that gain financially from the sale of the  property. We do get referrals from agents all the time, but those that refer us  are of the highest integrity and understand that a good quality  home inspection is the best way to instill confidence in you, the  buyer. We conduct many  inspections where people just like you back out of the purchase. We firmly believe in our motto "Buy with Confidence". 



We  have put together 5 questions I believe you should ask any home inspector to aid your decision making process.


How long does a home inspection take?

A typical house inspection should take 3 to 4 hours to complete. This can vary, given the current condition and size of the home, the accessibility of mechanical systems, and so on. As a courtesy to sellers, we recommend that they be informed of the time frame in a pre-purchase home inspection situation.


What do you look at?
We inspect all the major systems of the house. These include;
  • Roof

  • Exterior

  • Structure

  • Electrical

  • Heating

  • Cooling

  • Plumbing

  • Insulation

  • Interior

  • appliances

  • Radon (optional)


Our goal is to identify any existing major problems that would affect a typical buyer's decision to purchase.This allows you to Buy with Confidence, Our Motto. 


Are you an expert in all these areas?

No we are not. I like to use the analogy of a family physician. My Dr. understands the human body and is highly qualified to be a doctor. But he's not a specialist. If my Dr. sees a sign of a problem, he recommends I see a specialist. 


We provide an excellent value in that we inspect your home for any areas where an expert is needed.  Our experience and training allows us to advise you on the need to bring in the experts. This can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary service calls and provides a confidence that you know the condition of the home. You need to know if you are buying a fixer-upper or a solid working house.


How much does an inspection cost?

Our typical fee for an inspection of a standard sized house (2200 square feet) around $325.00. However, some factors will affect the fee. If you are comparing home inspection firms, the fee charged should not be the deciding factor unless the level of service offered is identical. Remember, you are considering a major purchase and your choice of home inspector should be based on getting the best value, not just the best price.



Can we pay by Credit Card?

Yes, we handle credit card transactions through PayPal. You do not need to be a member of PayPal or have an account with them to pay a CC invoice. We send an invoice by email through our PayPal account and you pay through them. We don't maintain or keep any Credit Card information on our site or have any way to obtain this information. 


What is included in the fee?


  • Complete home inspection conducted by an experienced professional.

  • Comprehensive written home inspection report.

  • 90 day warranty from American Home Warranty (must mention you saw this on our web site.)


Can I follow along?

Definitely. We encourage you to attend. The inspection is a valuable learning experience for most home buyers.


Do I have to take notes?

You don't have to take notes during the inspection. We will document everything in a written report. It's much better to follow the inspector through, listening to his comments to make sure you understand. It's also a great opportunity to ask questions and to clarify anything that confuses you.


Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! You may want to bring some questions that you have regarding the home. You should also feel free to stop the inspector and ask questions as you go. If the inspector's comments or explanations are not clear, please ask for further explanation.


What should I wear?

You should dress comfortably and be prepared to spend roughly 2 1/2 hours walking through the home with the inspector. You won't have to climb on the roof or go into the attic, so your clothes won't get dirty.


Can I bring my family?


We recommend that you not bring your family; this is a technical evaluation, and you should focus on the inspector's comments - the fewer distractions, the better.


Do I get a written report? When?


You do receive a written report. It would be unfair to ask you to remember all of the things we cover during a home inspection. The report includes a summary of the condition of the home and details on all the major systems of the home. It is typically delivered within 24 hours after the inspection.


If it's really bad, will you tell us not to buy the house?

No. Our goal is to report on the condition of the house, indicating potential repairs and expenses. Ultimately, it is your decision as to whether or not you buy the house. The home inspection is very important but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Only you know all of the factors at play.


Should I be concerned about  Radon?

Yes you should. About 50% of the homes that are tested in Northern Colorado exceed the EPA limit of 4 Pci/Liter of air for Radon. Each house is different. The cost of a Radon test is $125.00 with an inspection. Most home sellers will cost share the price of mitigation if the limit is exceeded. The price of a Radon test is a great value and the odds that your new home is unsafe due to Radon is very high.


Do you offer a warranty on the house?

Yes - We do offer with our report a 90 day limited warranty if you mention that you saw our offer from our web site for the warranty. We purchase this warranty through American Home Warranty.


What are your  qualifications?


I started this business in 2013 and have completed 100's of inspections. 

I am a graduate of the American Society of Home Inspectors    and a member of the Northern Colorado ASHI chapter  along with  many years of property management and remodeling experience. The ASHI school provided 120 hours of comprehensive instruction from experienced home inspectors. Following the ASHI standard of conduct and using the ASHI standard for a home inspection you can be assured I provide a comprehensive inspection and consistent reporting model that is the finest in the industry.

I also keep my skills current with continuing education programs both through the company and on my own.


Are you Insured?

Yes we carry general liability and errors and omissions insurance.


Are you Licensed by the State of Colorado?

The state does not require home inspectors to be licensed. However I am a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). I have graduated from the ASHI school for home inspectors. I follow the ASHI standards of practice and adhere to the ASHI code of Conduct.


What is ASHI?


American Society of Home Inspectors is the most respected professional association for home inspectors in North America. Through ASHI’s continued efforts, ASHI's Standards of Practice—covering all of a home's major systems—are now part of many pieces of state legislation and are recognized by consumers as the authoritative standard for professional home inspection.  


How many days notice do I need to give you?

We are ready to serve you quickly. However, when the sale of a home is conditional on the results of a home inspection, we recommend that you allow at least three days to arrange for a home inspection.


How do I contact you? 


Call 970-797-9220 or fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of any page.