Radon is an oderless, tasteless, colorless gas that seeps into our homes in our area. No 2 homes are alike. When radon decays in the open air, nothing happens. But when it decays when that air is in our lungs, bad things can happen. There is mountain of information on Radon and we can't begin to cover all that information here. One good site is the department of public health in Colorado. We encourage you to educate yourself on this deadly killer.

Should your house be tested?


Testing is the only sure way to know if your new home has high concentrations of Radon. If your house has a current mitigation system, you should probably still test to make sure it is working as designed. 

Can a home be Fixed?

Absolutely. Any home can be mitigated to lower the radon levels to safer levels. Most systems cost less than $1500.00. 

Radon-The silent killer